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Winners Edge Trading, a Forex blog made by Casey Stubbs, a DailyForex blogger, similarly as an extensively recognized Forex ace. 

Casey and his blog merit an excellent notification not simply considering the way that he creates a blog for DailyForex yet furthermore since he appears on every single top Forex destinations list I have encountered. He is for the most part recognized as a market expert and this runs over in his extraordinary substance. 

The man is an astoundingly capable, devoted, and extraordinarily clever individual with critical pieces of information on Forex trading. 

Things gathered:

1. Assuming no one really minds, instruct us a smidgen concerning yourself including your name, your calling, and your region. 

“My name is Casey Stubbs and I live in Latrobe PA. I have 5 children and I am a Forex shipper/blogger.” 

2. How long have you been locked in with the Forex market? 

“I started in the Forex Market around 8 months earlier. I was related with stocks and I saw a CNBC challenge about Forex so I opened an account and endeavored it. I have been trading from here on out.” 

3. How long have you been distributing content to a blog? 

“I started my blog, Winners Edge Trading in January of 2009 so around a half year. The blog has been a flat out accomplishment. I have a Google page position of 3 and I am getting generously more traffic than I anytime anticipated. It proceeds to improve and get better.” 

4. Who is your fundamental group? 

“My group is Forex Traders. I have a little something for everyone. For beginners at school, and for additional created sellers I have advanced articles and trade calls.” 

5. Why might it be prudent for somebody to scrutinize your blog? 

“People ought to examine my blog to sort out some way to trade or to get incredible trade game plans and sort out some way to find the right instruments expected to win in Forex Trading.” 

6. From your perspective, what are the essential advantages of the Forex market? 

“That is basic. 24 hr market. loads of volume. Colossal worth moves, and impact.” 


  • Wide combination of content 
  • Revived as a rule 
  • Sensible for all vendors 


  • Nonattendance of plan 
  • Content not on greeting page 
  • Level of making can be improved 

Thus, Winners Edge Trading, as Casey uncovered, has what to bring to the table a wide scope of vendors. The substance is new, relevant, revived, and fascinating. No large astonishment it is referred to in every overview of top Forex online diaries on the Web. 

Disregarding the way that Casey has been related with Forex for simply a short period of time, this is absolutely not obvious in his structure. A large number of individuals trading Forex are looking for a good and strong wellspring of information to scrutinize before opening a position. Champs Edge Trading is it! 

Notwithstanding its shortfall of a high level and eye getting plan, the substance is sufficient to keep you captivated. Seems Casey made a decision to let his market pieces of information do the attracting and not a prominent arrangement. 

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