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Forex Profit Accelerator Review and Bonus | Forex Profit Accelerator Review & Bonus by Bill Poulos

Forex Profit Accelerator Review and Bonus

by admin on September 13, 2011

A Complete Forex Profit Accelerator Review – Is it a Scam?

Is there really a secret ‘formula’ that enables you to trade the Forex markets without the crazy hours?  Fact or fiction – we dish the dirt on the new Bill Poulous product that’s got the trading world abuzz!

Forex Profit Accelerator Forex Profit Accelerator Review and BonusBecome a profitable Forex trader by putting in only 20 minutes per day?  The guy’s got to be pulling your leg, hasn’t he?  Well before you dismiss the Forex Profit Accelerator out of hand, read on to find out what’s really involved in what’s being touted as ‘The Four Golden Rules That Most Traders Will Never Learn.’

What do you get for your money?

So the Forex Profit Accelerator is based around four points – as follows:

  • It’s a complete method.  In other words, nothing is left to chance.  The system encompasses setup conditions, entry, initial stop and exit strategy rules.
  • It includes specific risk, money and portfolio management guidelines.
  • Whilst it needs to be based on technical analysis, it can’t be 100% mechanically (or computer) reliant.
  • Once you’ve learnt how to use it, the complete process should take less than 20 minutes per day.

GetInstantAccessRed Forex Profit Accelerator Review and Bonus

Wow – now that’s certainly a bundle of ambitious claims!  But it’s realistically pointed out that other Forex trading strategies and systems fall down on at least one (and very often three or four) of the above points.  So then, how does Forex Profit Accelerator go about producing this wonderful sounding system?

The program consists of the following:

  • CD ROM #1 – Background, Overview and Trading examples.  This covers the basics of the Forex Profit Accelerator system, along with charts and insider tips to get you right inside the trading experience.
  • CD ROM #2 – Instant Pips Method.  Step by step trading rules about this quick hit way of trading.
  • CD ROM #3 – Pip Maximizer 1 Method.  Following market trends of between one to three weeks, with the aim of taking 300-500 pips out of the market on average.
  • CD ROM #4 – Pip Maximizer 2 Method.  A different but complementary system to Pip Maximizer 1.  Used together these Pip Maximizer methods greatly increase your chances of getting on board with major market moves.
  • CD ROM #5 – Pip Reversal Method.  The counter trend method that takes full advantage of market divergence.
  • CD ROM #6 – Bringing It All Together.  Does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • BONUS CD ROM – Trading and Forex Basics.  The perfect module for those who’re just beginning in the Forex trading market, or for anyone who requires a refresher.
  • Forex Profit Accelerator Reference Manual.  Containing all the slides and color charts from all the CD ROMs, making reference simple and fast.
  • The 4 Trading Blue Prints.  Detailed information of the four essential trading rules around which Forex Profit Accelerator is based.
  • The Quick Start Guide.  When a product arrives with as much information as Forex Profit Accelerator, it’s always nice to have a quick start guide so you can jump in straight away and begin trading.
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Student Email Support.
  • Members Website.  A place where many bonus videos and tutorials are uploaded from time to time, along with other exclusive ‘members only’ aids to successful Forex trading.
  • Head start Guides and Videos.  Giving you immediate access to important information while you’re waiting for your Forex Profit Accelerator to arrive by post.
  • 30 Days of Free Pip Feeder Service.
  • The Forex 4 Pack.  Inside information from a survey of over 100,000 traders replies to two landmark surveys.

Now, whatever way you look at it – that’s one heck of a lot of information!

GetInstantAccessRed Forex Profit Accelerator Review and Bonus

Who is it for?

OK – let’s be serious for a moment.  Whilst Forex Profit Accelerator is billing itself as a formula for everyone, it’s probably not going to appeal to those who work in the market as a full time job (but there again – information is knowledge, and it’s only that knowledge that makes us successful).  No – Forex Profit Accelerator is specifically aimed at those who’ve been dabbling in the market, spending hours of their precious spare time staring at charts and figures for hours on end knowing that there has to be a better, and more profitable, way.  So whether that’s you, or you’re a complete Forex rookie, then this is a trading blueprint aimed squarely at you!  And let’s face it – in these days of massive market swings and crazy peaks and troughs, who doesn’t need all the help they can get!

Who is Bill Poulous?

bill poulos forex profit Forex Profit Accelerator Review and BonusBill Poulous has been trading the markets since 1974.  And he freely admits that he’s made a lot of mistakes.  But as he rightly points out, it’s only by making mistakes that you truly begin to understand the market – and it was only by this long and difficult learning curve that Bill began to get exactly how to make big profits on Forex.  And don’t forget, when Bill started trading he didn’t have the advantage of computers, so he learnt the hard way!  And it was simply through plugging away over the years that he eventually discovered the secrets that he now wants to share with you via Forex Profit Accelerator.

The Pros

  • Once you’ve read, digested and understood the system, you really can bring your Forex trading down to an amazing 20 minutes per day – and draw a profit!
  • The system, while admittedly extensive, is thorough and leaves nothing out.  And if you do need a little helping hand, the 1 year unlimited student email support will answer any question you care to choose.
  • The more you work at it, the more you learn.  With the added bonus of the member’s website and constant updates and extras – your Forex learning curve just goes on and on.
  • You truly will have the freedom to spend time with the family, go to the gym, watch TV or do whatever else it is that makes you happy, while still trading Forex and making a profit!

The Cons

  • Of course, you do need to put in the ground work to understand how the system works.  And, as with any Forex trading there’s still an element of risk.  But by taking advantage of the Forex Profit Accelerator you minimize that risk as much as is humanly possible.
  • And it goes without saying that people are going to question your success.  So be prepared for a few remarks here and there once you start reaping the rewards.

The Bottom Line

Let’s just say – Bill Poulous certainly knows how to provide a system with a whole load of punch.  While it might not be something that the Pros will look at, for the everyday guy (or girl) who wants to work the markets without sacrificing their whole life to them, then Profit Accelerator could well be for you.  At the very worst you’ll gain an in-depth insight into the world of Forex trading – and at the best?  Well, the sky’s the limit!

GetInstantAccessRed Forex Profit Accelerator Review and Bonus


Good luck!

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